Airtel is the second largest telecommunication network in India. They also provide broadband and television services to their customers. The network is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal efficiently and is satisfying their customers since 1995 till now. It operates in over 19 countries in all over Africa and Asia and has more than 207 million subscribers. Bharti Airtel limited operates from their main branch in Noida with their sub-branches in all-over India.

All about Airtel customer care– Airtel being a big network is served by many departments one of them is Airtel customer care which is basically to serve the customer’s complaints and demands by Airtel customer care number. Airtel serves as a mobile voice, data services, fixed line, high-speed broadband, DTH, IPTV and all national and international long distance services to their customers. Airtel also came up with 4g services for the network they provide, which is far more established than any other networks in India. The customer service serves for both Airtel Prepaid customer care and Airtel Postpaid customer care. All the Airtel Customer care services are open 24×7 to serve their customer and this makes them reliable and easily accessible for the users.

How to connect with Airtel Bihar and Jharkhand customer care:

To connect with Airtel customer care, is very easy and the Airtel customer care number is also available easily on the internet on the official website of Airtel, the number is also available on the covers of any Airtel product in the market.

As soon as the customer gets connected to the number, an automated voice will provide options by which the customer can choose whether to launch complaints or they can also get to know about the latest and exciting new offers by Airtel. The Airtel customer care also provides an option to connect directly to their Airtel customer care executive number which is 9934099340 for Prepaid and 9934012345 for Postpaid. The executives will listen to the issue and solve it very efficiently in hardly any time.

The customers can also connect with Airtel on, on Facebook: Airtel Facebook, on Twitter: @airtelindia or can connect to Airtel online complaint page: Airtel Online

Airtel phone customer care– It has been divided into the Airtel mobile customer care and Airtel landline customer care.

Airtel provides services in Prepaid and Postpaid both the numbers and has different numbers for Airtel Postpaid Customer care and Airtel Prepaid Customer care.

The Airtel customer care toll-free numbers are 121 (for new offers) and 198 (for launching complaints) for all over India if one is calling from an Airtel number. If one has to connect with Airtel customer care by some other network provider then the number is different for different states and is easily available on Airtel website. For Bihar and Jharkhand, the Airtel Postpaid Customer care number is 9934012345 and Airtel Prepaid Customer care number 9934099340. These Airtel mobile customer care numbers are easy to connect and offer all their customers with best deals, launching and solving of complaints without any complicated process and wastage of time. Airtel 4g customer care also provides their service to the best of it and making Airtel, the largest network in India which provides 4g services and make their customer’s life faster on their figure tips.

The toll-free Airtel customer care no. for fixed landlines (Airtel) of mentioned states is 1800 102 002 and if the customer is contacting from any other company’s network then the number for Airtel landline customer care is 0120- 4319696.

Recharge with Airtel – To recharge an Airtel Prepaid number or to pay the bill of a Postpaid number the toll-free number is 543219or it can be also done from Airtel recharge app.

Airtel DTH services– Airtel also provide direct-to-home (DTH) services to their customers as digital TV providers. They transmit digital satellite TV and audio to reach to Indian households. The Airtel DTH customer care is kept separate from the mobile services they provide so, that there should not be any difficulties in their quality to serve their customers. The Airtel DTH customer care number for all-over India is 12150 (from Airtel mobile). These services again are open 24×7 for the customers to solve their issues systematically and the Airtel DTH customer care number for Bihar and Jharkhand is 09955148080.

The customer can contact Airtel DTH customer care through email also

For DTH services Airtel Customer Care also offers grievance officers contact details: 9771472070, and email:, to offer more convenience to their customers to talk directly to the officer for major issues.

Airtel Broadband services– Airtel also provides broadband services to their customers. The Airtel broadband customer care also serves for 24×7 to their users. They help with the information on new plans for the Broadband and also by solving complaint issues with the help of Airtel broadband customer care number. The Airtel broadband customer care and its service are extended throughout India and servers by different customer care lines in different states. The Airtel broadband customer care number for the cities of Bihar and Jharkhand are easily available on the internet and on all Airtel website easily with the emails also, for the customers to launch their complaints and also to know about new and exciting plans of 2G,3G, 4G broadband connections.

Airtel TV – Airtel has made television to reach on hands now by an application called Airtel TV. This application allows the customer to watch live TV online, with movies, videos and other shows in 15 different languages. The Airtel TV customer care is also a different line for complaints and information on new offers with a separate Airtel digital TV customer care toll-free number which is easily available on the internet and on Airtel website. This service is also available 24×7 for their customers.

The Airtel customer care provides the city wise numbers also for their customers and some of them are:

  • Patna – Prepaid: 9934099340, Postpaid: 9934012345
  • Aurangabad – Prepaid: 9890098900, Postpaid: 9890012345
  • Darbhanga – Prepaid: 9934099340, Postpaid : 9934012345
  • Muzaffarpur – Prepaid: 9897098970, Postpaid: 9897-12345