The two major factors that influence your position in SEO are backlinks and your content. Content adds value to the website that keeps the visitor hooked to your site, whereas; backlinks work as a voting currency that helps you rank on the top pages that further bring you the organic traffic. Your position and traffic are inter-dependable on content quality and backlinks. You can not gain a high rank if you are not working on both the factors simultaneously. The SEO experts all around the world have vouched for the importance of high authority backlinks and backlink service providing agencies as even after having a high-quality piece of content; you might not rank higher as you deserve due to the lack of exposure. Therefore, it becomes important to connect to the high authority websites to get the backlinks for your website.

Importance of backlinks: –

Backlinks work as a vote bank currency that shows SEO that your content is of high quality and is trusted by the other top websites. Having multiple high authority websites pointing at you means that your information is adding more value to an already highly searched and viewed content. This shows that the top websites are agreeing on your findings and hence directing the traffic to your piece of content by a DoFollow link. By gaining these backlinks, you get the high ranks and more search visibility for your site. However, not all backlinks are created equal, and some of them are more valuable than others. Having high-quality backlinks from trustworthy websites are more valuable for your site than gaining low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Adding to that, meta tags, anchor text, DoFollow and NoFollow links, the content you are linking to, the position of your links, etc., are some of the factors that influence the value of your backlinks.

Ways to build a backlink pool: –

Building a good backlink pool for your website can be a challenging task. Adding to that, the lack of knowledge, techniques, and tons of spammy backlinks can also rank you in the Google penalty section, and you might end up losing your value. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to a whitehat backlinks building agency that is updated about the terms and conditions of Google and know the working of SEO algorithms, to help you attain a higher rank. They can perform a backlink analysis for you to help you determine where you are lacking and help you avoid the Google penalty session. 

Ways to build backlinks: –

There are different approaches to build backlinks banks to attain high rankings in SERPs and more organic traffic. These approaches include guest blogging, campaigns, outreach, building internal links, creating link-worthy content, reach out to people in your niche, target high authoritative websites your competitors are linking to, generating case studies, and more. These are some of the ways to generate backlinks. Remember, building backlinks to rank high needs patience and consistency that combine with intelligence. Therefore, you must trust your SEO agency and give them some time before determining the impact of SEO in unlocking the full potential of your site that you deserve.