Idea Customer Care Services in Delhi/NCR

Idea is one of the most popularly used mobile services networks in India, and they aim at maintaining and growing by providing the best services to their customer. It was founded by a partnership between Bata, Tata and AT&T, and taken over by Aditya Birla Group in 2006.

Idea Mobile Services:

Idea Mobile Services offer a wide variety of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services for GSM Connections and various different plans for each type of service for its users to choose from. Idea Customers can select from a wide variety of mobile plans according to their needs. While some plans provide more talk time balance, others provide more Internet Data, and some provide both equally. Customers can find one that suits their requirements best and apply for that plan. Customers can also change their mobile services plan whenever required. For a Post Paid connection, the Customer can contact Idea Customer Care Services or reach out to an Idea Customer Care Service Authorized Store and request for a change of plan. For Pre-Paid Customers, the Process is easier. They can simply get a different recharge done that will provide them with different services. 

Idea Mobile Customer Care Services:

Idea mobile services do not just promise fast and hassle-free services but actually provide the same. They use the best technology and keep up-to-date with customer care solutions to provide a world-class experience to their customers. They provide 24*7 customer care so that you do not have to wait long to get your issue resolved. They even provide specialized services based on your Idea Mobile Service plan, whether it is pre-paid, post-paid, 3g or 2g, Idea customer care services provide you with specialized services for your needs.

Idea Mobile Customer Care in Delhi/NCR

Idea provides services throughout India. Thus, to simplify its operations and provide customers with the best services, it has divided its operations into different states in terms of Regions. The Delhi/NCR Region covers the entire union territory of Delhi and extends to the NCR area and provides solutions based on the needs of its customers. It follows up usage patterns in different states and devices policies and agenda for each regional circle accordingly. To give you a solution that best fixes your issue, idea customer care hires experts in all fields of telecom to advise you on how to go about your mobile services problems.

Idea Customer Care Contact Numbers for Delhi & NCR:

There are various contact numbers to reach Idea Customer care in the Delhi & NCR circle. There are numbers provided both, for contacting idea customer care through your idea mobile phone itself or from another mobile services phone. Here is a list f the main contacts you would need.

  • 12345 (this number is chargeable at 50p for 3 minutes to get in touch with a customer care representative.) from your Idea service mobile phone.
  • 198 this number is a pan-India toll-free contact number and is best for any questions or complaints from your Idea service mobile phone.
  • +91-9891012345 this number can be used for Queries and Requests from another phone.
  • +91-8744000198 this contact number is for reporting complaints from another phone
  •  +91- 9891905777 Idea Mobile Delhi & NCR Customer Care Fax Number.
  • *121# to know your account details such as balance, validity and the like, dial this from your Idea Service Mobile. This number is common throughout India.
  • 1800-270-0000 this is the Idea Mobile Number Portability contact number valid throughout India.

Other methods of contacting Idea Mobile Customer Care:

If your issues remain unresolved, even after having contacted the customer care services, or you were unable to get in touch with customer care for some reason, you can always use other means to report your issue to Idea care including email, posting on their Twitter page. Here are the other links to alternate sources to resolve your issue.

Email ID:


In addition to these, you can always find a solution to your issue through the Idea Mobile services FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page and as a last resort; Idea Mobile Services have Customer Care Stores all over India. You can find the nearest authorized store through their store locator service on the right side of their website: Idea Customer Care has 39 stores in its Delhi & NCR Region where customers can not only resolve queries and report problems but can even register for idea mobile services, get their recharge done (in case of a pre-paid service), pay their bills (In case of a postpaid mobile service), apply for new connections and even change their existing mobile services plans.

Idea Circle Telecom Head Office:

  • Idea Cellular Limited, A-68, Sector-64, Noida-201301,U.P.
    Contact No – For Queries & Request :+91-9891012345 , For Complaints : +91-8744000198
    Fax – +91- 9891905777
    Email –

Appellate Authority for Idea Mobile Services for Delhi & NCR Region:

Idea Mobile Services users can also contact the Nodal Officer, but in case he is also unable to resolve the problem occurring with your Idea Mobile Service Connection, or are unhappy or unsatisfied with his solution users can contact the Appellate Authority as a last resort. To contact the Appellate Authority in case you have tried everything, and your issue is still unresolved, you can use the following details about the Appellate Authority Officer of Idea Mobile Customer Services for Delhi & NCR.

Delhi & NCR

Appellate Authority – Mr Vinay Saxena
Idea Cellular Limited, A-68, Sector 64, Noida – 201301
Fax – 9891905777
Email –

Idea has been a known and trusted Mobile Services Network for a long time and rightfully so. They aim at providing the best services for their customers and thus make all vital information that a customer may need to resolve an error easily accessible on their website itself. Customers do not need to go through a million different websites to find useful information. The website provides all of it and is well organized to make your search easy.