Networks in India and Idea go hand in hand as Idea is one of the leading mobile network service providers all over the country. Statistics and public figures bear testimony to this. Hence another important major aspect of the company is the Idea customer care. The customer care service provided by Idea has proven to be efficient and helpful on more than one occasion. Not only phone help lines, Idea offers a wide variety of other services too including both the real world (customer centres and offices) and the virtual world (online forums and website consumer help).

All about Idea customer care:

Idea customer care has been developed into a highly efficient network to help connect customers and sees to their queries. They are reputed to work hard in the interests of the customers. This makes Idea customer care a strong arm of Idea. The Idea customer care numbers have been issued for different regions in India. Hence, you can set a new network, connect with Idea or change your network by reaching the Idea customer care contact number as the helpline is open all the time. Whether finding the “Idea customer care number” or” “Idea customer care ka number”, it would work out fine for the ones helping you at the other end of the line, as Idea customer care makes matter simpler by being available in leading Indian languages too.  The Idea customer care contact number can be accessed through the following ways:

  • To communicate with Idea customer care, try dialling 12345 from your Idea phone set.
  • Or you can call up the Idea customer care number specific to your geographical area or region. There are specific 10-digit Idea customer care numbers for queries and for complaints.
  • Another process to reach Idea customer care for queries, requests or complaints if the Idea customer care numbers aren’t useful is to dial 198-toll free. This would connect you with the Idea customer care executive.

Hence, with the following methods, you can try contacting the Idea customer care. The Idea customer care is available for help, 24*7.

Idea Customer Care for Mobile Services:

As mentioned before, the general helpline for Idea customer care phone number differs from region to region. Out here in Gujarat, the Idea customer care phone number is +91-9824012345 (for queries and requests) while the Idea customer care mobile number for complaints will be +91-9824000198.

Talking about plans, there are different strategies for accessing post-paid and pre-paid packages. The Idea pre-paid customer care and the Idea customer care post-paid can give you an adequate plan that suits you and your price range. This time period can range from 28 days to unlimited validity.

To avail pre-paid plans, you should already pay for the calling and data packs. The exact process for payment can be done with ease on the net, but if you still have difficulty, the Idea pre-paid customer care can guide you in setting up an account and choosing a plan. When it comes to the post-paid equivalent, it is based on a monthly payment based on data used and the Idea customer care post-paid can help you give information regarding data usage and monthly dues in case of confusion.

Apart from the state-specific Idea customer care phone numbers, another important hack to access the different types of plans is to dial *121#. This would grant you access to balance on the account and other plans. It is particularly useful if you can’t reach the Idea customer care mobile number (which is on exceptional occasions though). 

Other ways to reach Idea Customer Care:

The Idea customer care toll-free number is usually 198 which would connect you with those willing to answer your questions. But just in case the Idea customer care toll-free number has errors, you can always hit up the Idea customer care e-mail. The Idea customer care e-mail id is as follows:

Other online facilities apart from the Idea customer care e-mail, are to write to Idea customer care office, the Idea customer care centre, and there is even an Idea customer care online chat feature on the website. Talking about the Idea customer care office in Gujarat, it is mainly located in Ahmedabad and connects other major towns and villages of the state. The Idea customer e-mail id is very responsive and can reply back if you need assistance.  

If you are still unable to find aid, you can always search online Idea customer care near me. The top search results that you might find regarding Idea customer care near me would be the ultimate help as it will provide you with the Idea customer care toll-free number, Idea customer care e-mail id and such related info, all at one click.

Idea Customer Care in Gujarat:

The Idea Customer Care in Gujarat is bustling with activity every day. Although the main office is located in Ahmedabad, there are other centres, Idea customer care in Surat being a prominent example. The toll-free call service for queries for the Idea customer care in Surat is 1800-270-0000. Another way of availing Idea Customer Care in Gujarat is to actually visit one of the Idea cellular stores where you can get details on prepaid plans, post-paid plans, SIM exchange and number portability. The Idea customer care in Surat is quite efficient in this sense as there are some ten Idea centres in this city alone, near major addresses like City Light or Ring Road. 

Appellate Authority:

The Idea Appellate Authority at Gujarat is at the helm of Mr Sunny Thomas. The office is located at Idea Cellular Ltd. 2nd Floor, Venus Atlantis, 100 foot Road, Prahalad Nagar, Ahmedabad. Further, the appellate can also be reached through an e-mail id:

The customer can reach out the authorities in case of serious grievenaces.

Idea Circular Telecom Office:

The major Idea Circular Telecom Office in the state of Gujarat is located at Ahmedabad. The specific address is as follows:

Idea Cellular Limited, 2nd Floor, Venus Atlantis, 100 ft Road, Prahalad Nagar, Ahmedabad-380015