All about Jio Customer Care

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited or Jio has earned its name as one of the most trusted mobile network providers, offering 4G LTE service network in the country. Despite being one of the newest service providers, Jio is already among the front runner amongst various cellular service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, and the like. With a customer base touching 160 million, Reliance Jio is working overtime to provide its customer a service that they are happy with. Our customer care executives are trained to answer any of your queries and to provide you with any assistance. With numerous customer care offices, helplines and a twitter handle, a customer care executive at Jio is always available to help.

Services and their Jio Customer Care details

At Jio, we value our customers and their relationship with us. Accordingly, we have many channels open for you to reach Jio customer care. One of the easiest and preferred options is to reach our customer care executives on the phone.  There are various helpline numbers that are available to those who wish to reach us, including a national toll-free helpline, a designated number for Jio users, non-users, shoppers, corporate customers, JioFibre customer, etc. You can reach us at any of the following helpline numbers, where a Jio customer care executive would be always there to assist you.

198 or 199 – You can dial any of these from a Jio number and our executives would take care of all your queries.

1800-889-9999 – In case you need to contact our executive from a non-Jio number, simple dial this number to connect to us. 1860-893-3333 – Additionally, this toll-free number is available to anyone who wants to get in touch with us at Jio customer care.

1800-890-8900 – If you need to know you JioPhone Pre-booking Voucher status, please dial this number and this will get you the desired information.

1800-890-9999 – Should you require any assistance for your Jio device, you can call this number to connect to our Device Care Helpline (LYF Smartphone & JioFi)

1800-889-9333 – Jio has established an exclusive helpline for its corporate customers. Use this number for availing attractive corporate packages that are designed especially for you.

1800-896-9999 –For help on JioFibre services please get in touch with us here.

1800-893-3399 – Our online shopping customers can get answer to any of their queries on this helpline.

Other ways to reach Jio Customer Care

At Jio customer care, we are only as far as a phone call. But, in addition to that, we offer several means to reach us as well. Please go through the following section to know more about the other ways of getting in touch with us.

Via Jio customer care email – Today, many of us would prefer an email to a phone call –it is perhaps faster, and quicker. For those of you, there are dedicated email ids available to answer your very specific queries, for example, for any kind of questions on Jio services, you can write to us at care[at]jio[dot]com, or for any queries on online shopping we can be contacted at shop[at]jio[dot]com. For corporate customers as well, we have dedicated email ids – to know about corporate connections best suited to your needs, please write to us at enterprisecare[at]jio[dot]com. Lastly, if you have any security related concerns, you can email us immediately at jio[dot]bugsreporting[at]ril[dot]com.

Via Twitter – Use our twitter handle @jiocare to voice any of your concerns, and be assured that someone will always be listening!

Visiting a Jio customer care store – While at Jio, our aim is to limit the number of times a Jio customer needs to visit a customer care store for any queries, we understand that sometimes, it may become necessary. For those who need to visit our store to speak with a customer care executive, there will not be a Jio customer care store that will be too far! Just log on to our website https://www[dot]jio[dotcom/Jio/portal/storeLocator to locate a store that may be nearest to your location.

Jio Customer Care in your region – Bihar

For our customers in Bihar, we have a dedicated office – with its contact details available only to address your concerns. You could walk into our store at Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., B.D Complex, Plot 210/233, Rupaspur, Bailey Road, Patna- 801503. You could also send us an email at appellate[dot]bih[at]jio[dot]com and this will reach our office in Bihar. You could also give us a call at 18008893999 or 18008891211 and we will be glad to be of any assistance to you.

Appellate Authority Bihar and other contact details

Bihar shares its corporate office with the Appellate authority for the state. For any un-resolved, or non-satisfactorily resolved conflicts in the region, you could visit the office of the Appellate Authority at Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., B.D Complex, Plot 210/233, Rupaspur, Bailey Road, Patna- 801503. We can also be reached at an email id appellate[dot]bih[at]jio[dot]com or through a phone call at 18008893999 or 18008891211.