Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd (popularly known as Jio), is an Indian mobile network operator in the country. It is possessed by Reliance Industries, headquartered in Mumbai. Jio gives 4G LTE benefits and is the main VoLTE (Voice over LTE) specialist organization in IndiaThe savagery of Reliance Jio isn’t possible with respect to the straightforwardness yet what’s progressively an aftereffect of the impossible 4G information speeds, Aggressive surveying of this adaptable structure ace fixation has obliged the other telecom firms to lessen voice and information packs.

Jio Mobile Services:

Jio has worked with all the significant contraption producers on the planet to ensure availability of 4G LTE PDAs general respect centres – from ultra-premium models, on the one hand, to zone level models on the other. The application Jio4GVoice passes on the 4G correspondence suite to each wireless. With its RCS (Rich Communication Services) features like Enriched calling, Chat, File share and Unified Messaging, it renames the calling and inciting information. It other than engages Jio’s frontline voice and video call advantage on non-VoLTE phones. Likewise in the wake of disturbing the versatile, administrations showcase with free calls and shoddy information designs Mukesh Ambani, released another round of war by revealing an “adequately free” 4G-empowered telephone with access to “boundless information” for just a security store of 1500.

Jio Mobile Customer Care Services:

Reliance will dispatch the Jio Toll-Free Number features to get an interface with the Reliance JIO customer mind. After the dispatches, the Reliance Jio customer care will true blue guide, or you can in like way be helped from online retailer shops and also about the features and specifications of the Jio smartphone as well. Jio customer care services give 365*24*7 help to any request of the customers to provide hassle-free optimum solutions.

Jio Mobile Customer Care in Bengal:

Jio provides services throughout India. Thus, to simplify its operations and provide customers with the best services, it has divided its operations into different states in terms of Regions. The Bengal region provides solutions based on the needs of customers in that region. It follows up usage patterns in different states and devices policies and agenda for each regional circle accordingly. To give you a solution that best fixes your issue, Jio customer care hires experts in all fields of telecom to advise you on how to go about your mobile services problems. Jio gloats just about 60,000 youthful representatives, working towards building the best information benefit organize in India. The normal period of Jio workers is 30.

Jio Customer Care Contact Numbers for Bengal:

There are various contact numbers to reach Jio Customer care in the Bengal region. There are numbers provided both, for contacting the customer care through your Jio mobile phone itself or from another mobile services phone. Here is a list of the main contacts you would need.

  • 198 or 199 this number is a pan-India toll-free contact number and is best for any questions or complaints from your Jio service mobile phone.
  • 1800-889-9999 this number can be used for Queries and Requests from another phone.
  • 1800-899-3999 this contact number is for reporting complaints from Bengal Region.
  • 1800-889-1211 Jio Mobile Bengal Customer Care Fax Number.
  • 1977 tele verification number to activate both HD voice and data services.
  • 1860-893-3333 this is regarding Jio number signal problem complaints valid throughout India.

Other methods of contacting Jio Mobile Customer Care:

If your issues remain unresolved, even after having contacted the customer care services, or you were unable to get in touch with customer care for some reason, you can always use other means to report your issue to Jio care including email, posting on their Twitter page. Here are the other links to alternate sources to resolve your issue.

Email ID:


In addition to these, you can always find a solution to your issue through the Jio Mobile services FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page and as a last resort; Jio Mobile Services have Customer Care Stores all over India. You can find the nearest authorized store through their store locator service on their website: Jio Customer Care has around 70 stores in its Bengal Region where customers can not only resolve queries and report problems but can even register for Jio mobile services, get their recharge done (in case of a pre-paid service), pay their bills (In case of a postpaid mobile service), apply for new connections and even change their existing mobile services plans.

Jio Circle Telecom Head Office:

  • Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Eco-space Business park, Bldg. No. 2A, 6th Floor, New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata 700156, West Bengal, India
    Contact No – For Queries & Complaints : 1800-889-3999
    Fax – 1800-889-3999
    Email –

Appellate Authority for Jio Mobile Services for Bengal Region:

Jio Mobile Services users can also contact the Nodal Officer, but in case he is also unable to resolve the problem occurring with your Mobile Service Connection, or are unhappy or unsatisfied with his solution users can contact the Appellate Authority as a last resort. To contact the Appellate Authority in case you have tried everything, and your issue is still unresolved, you can use the following details about the Appellate Authority Officer of Jio Mobile Customer Services for Bengal.


Appellate Authority – Mr Sailesh Rupani
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Eco-space Business park, Bldg. No. 2A, 6th Floor, New Town Rajarhat, Kolkata 700156, West Bengal, India
Fax – 1800-889-3999
Email –

Jio plans to empower a change by making not only a forefront voice and broadband system, yet additionally an effective biological system on which a scope of rich computerized administrations will be empowered – a one of a kind green-field opportunity. Jio’s vision for India is that broadband and computerized administrations will never again be an extravagance thing. Or maybe, Reliance imagines an India where these are essential necessities to be devoured in wealth by shoppers and in addition independent ventures. Clients don’t have to experience a million unique sites to discover helpful data. The site gives every last bit of it and is efficient to make your pursuit simple.