Backlinks are the trust currency of the search engine that provides the best results to the users for their queries. Although Google periodically updates the algorithms, backlinks and quality content is the fundamental criteria to come up with the best SERPs. In the era of digitalization, speculators are using the internet to expand their business and stay productive. That being said, to establish an online performance for your business, you need to have multiple authorized websites that are linked to your site that will vouch as a token of trust for the crawlers. As simple as this sound, the process of gaining backlinks on your own is challenging unless you have an abundance of resources and plenty of time. However, if you are way past the experimenting stage and want concrete results quickly, expertly, and effectively, you can hire an SEO agency for backlink outreach services to build a white hat backlink network.

How to build backlinks via outreach?

Since backlinks are important criteria for determining the authority of a site, some unethical agencies started using not so legit methods to direct multiple links towards a site. This interfered with the aim of a search engine to provide the best results for search queries. To solve this issue, multiple updates were done to find out these marketers for toxic backlinks endorsing, and they were further penalized.
While networking and sharing your content in your circle is an acceptable practice for link building, it is not as effective and is time-consuming. Nevertheless, the legit whitehat link building procedures are acceptable to build a network of backlinks that can help with ranking. One such way of doing this is outreach. However, it requires skills, expertise, good networks, right knowledge, and consistency, along with hard work on the person’s behalf. Here is how it is done: –

  • Research about your competitors- The first step is to clarify the strength and weaknesses of your competitors and the source of high authority backlinks that they are receiving. Try to learn about the strategies they are adopting and the type of content creation techniques. Analyze their DA, PA, interlinks, and try to find out where they are lacking. Make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of your rival site. This report will help you identify the websites you need to target for gaining backlinks.
  • Find out the information about the relevant contacts- Once you have made an excel list, gather the information about the person that you need to get in touch with. Gather their contact information and read their work intentionally.
  • Create an interesting pitch- The next step is to create an interesting pitch based on the content that you read and try creating engaging and relevant content that they can utilize. Remember asking for a backlink will not do it. It would be best if you offered them something before you ask them for a backlink in return like a case study, infographics, etc. with a link pointing at your site whenever the information is further shared.

Building a good network of high authority backlinks takes time and persistence. However, it is the sure-shot and best way to rank high on SERPs. The aim is not only to update the rank but also to provide good quality content while maintaining the rank with consistent hard work and efforts. Remember, slow progress is still progress.