SEO is an ever important facet of the modern day world with more and more companies creating spaces in their Marketing budgets for this under-appreciate branch of Digital Marketing. However, with Google becoming more competitive in the paid channel, and mediums like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram getting costlier by the day, we thought it would be interesting to look at SEO for affiliate website like ours, and why you should definitely invest both time and resources to this channel.

Benefits of SEO in the Affiliate Marketing World

The simple idea of SEO is that you invest in the process (content, backlinks, page speed, the whole schebang) today, and you start to reap rewards in a compounding manner in the future. An example could be felt with this image from Search Engine Journal:

organic traffic growth due to SEO

Now this merely indicates the benefits of a long-term successful strategy that can allow you to reap the rewards due to SEO. However, in order to do so, you must focus on the following:

  • Keyword Research to ensure that you have picked the correct keywords for your niche
  • Creating optimized content by ensuring the keywords selected are inserted in a natural manner inside the content, and that you have taken into account the On Page SEO elements like Metas and Heading
  • Building backlinks to your website, and if you are unsure over here, you can take help from one of the link building services present in the market to ensure that the quality element is maintained
  • Keeping in mind the Technical SEO aspects like URL, page speed, mobile visibility, indexation, spamming URLs with keywords, among others

If you are able to keep a track of all of these things, then you get to reap the benefits on your Affililiate website in the form of:

  • It can help you scale your traffic extremely fast
  • It helps you earn money via affiliate sales, including programs like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, and more
  • It can help you earn via Google AdSense
  • It can help you earn via partnering with Brands directly as Visual Ads on your websites
  • It can help you earn via running Influencer Campaigns on your website

With all these benefits in mind, you can easily lose focus and start making some crucial mistakes which you should avoid:

  • Don’t just focus on keyword, focus on the solution that you are providing to the user who is visiting your website. Focusing on keywords makes your website and content look extremely spammy, thus increasing your bounce rate and reducing your rankings
  • Don’t go with copied or spun content, and always focus on creating an original content. If you are simply copying content and shifting a few words here and there, Google and other search engine bots will find the pattern eventually and decrease your rankings, or you might even get hit by a Google penalty, which should be avoided at all costs
  • Missing or Duplicate Metas could be an issue, as for an affiliate site, as this is crucial in ranking pages even in 2020. Don’t lose out on these easy wins and continue to update your content as you continue to publish it
  • Don’t ignore mobile optimization in 2020 as Mobile First Indexing is a huge thing for Google. More than 50% of all the web traffic generated in the world comes from mobile devices, and therefore, you should not be missing out on optimizing it
  • Do not get highly irrelevant backlinks, as that could hurt your website more than boosting it. Always go with a lower number of backlinks, but the ones should be extremely relevant.

With all these things in mind, we really hope that you can start building an affiliate site that can help you push rankings, brand, as well as feel good in your pockets.