Due to the continuous evolution of the SEO by Google Algorithms, it becomes important to determine where you rank among your niche. In simple words, the website authority is a metric that can be used to determine the website’s strength in the SEO pool. By knowing the authority of your website, you can determine your website position in SERPs. Whereas, knowing your rival’s website authority can help you determine the top rating scores of the ranking websites and sets a goal in front of you. This can be done easily by using an authentic da pa checker tool that gives you the right score for any website you want. However, it is not possible to determine the absolute best result for a website authority; therefore, as a general rule of thumb, rather than aiming for a 100, which is very unrealistic, you should try to attain the best score among your competitors. The bottom line is, the higher your website authority score is, the better position you have. 

Factors influencing the website authority: –

The website authority is influenced by several factors that include: –

  • The time of your website enrollment to figure out how old it is.
  • The number of backlinks that are pointing to your website
  • the strength and authority of the website that are providing backlinks to you
  • The content on your website and its relevancy
  • The number of referring domains that are unique and are pointing to your website
  • Speed of the website 

These are the factors that influence the website’s authority. While it is not possible to rule out an individual factor, the score can give you a general idea about where you are ranking in SERPs. The newly generated website will have the lowest authority. Still, as time passes by, the score keeps on increasing, and your website keeps on becoming more reliable. 

What to do with the data received by analyzing your website authority?

The next step of getting the authority score is to utilize it for improving your site rankings in SEO. Here is what you can do with the values: –

  • Use this data and compare your score with the top-ranking websites in your niche.
  • Keep track of this data and work on your website to find out if the authority of your website is increasing or not by noticing the rise in the score.
  • Use the data and check out the major influencing parameters that improve your score. Observe the strategy employed by your competitors that is effective and try to employ them for your website as well. 
  • Frame your strategy to rank better than your niche competitors.
  • In order to generate the unique backlink base, target the high authority website so that you can rank high.
  • Guest blog websites are a great way to build a backlink base. By building the list of guest blogging website, you can reach out to these high authority guest blogging site for backlinks generation.

The bottom line of the blog is a website with high authority has high-quality backlinks, which is a major influencing factor in SEO that generates more traffic to your site. Therefore, to increase your website authority, you must focus on building an influential backlink base.